Caring For Pygmy Goats

If you are thinking about purchasing goats you have found the perfect blog! I have owned the three main breeds of goats, and with my past experience, I would highly suggest pygmy goats purchasing pygmy as a pet. Here in Eugene, Oregon it is illegal to keep a goat in town. Goats do need plenty of space since they are considered outside pets. If you think pygmy goats will keep your grass low you are wrong. Pygmy goats are very picky on what they graze on. That is why I say pygmy goats as PETS. Another must is owning at least 2 or more. Once you know for sure you are going to purchase pygmy goats here is a list of to do’s before you bring the goats home.

  • Sheltered area for your goats to sleep and stay dry. The ADGA recommends 15sq ft. for EACH goat. (3’l x 5’w)  (They do not need be locked into their shelter.)
  • Fencing needs to predators out and keep the goats in their area. Goats are very good escape artist! For pygmy goats I would say it around 48in high with the goats tightly locked too.
  • Bedding for my goats I use pine shavings. But you can use straw and pine pellet bedding too.
  • Collars (optional) My goats know to come to me when I walk to the gate, but if yours are still a little scared or are getting moved around I would suggest an easy collar to take on/off. I would not leave collars on goats just because they could get hung up on something.
  • Leashes I would get a couple if you are getting multiple goats. leashes do become helpful if you do not have a goat stand for clipping/cleaning.
  • Feed when it comes to feeding the goats if you can ask the owners what they were feeding the goats. for my pygmy goats they are getting a goat Vitalix tub as well as orchard grass. You could to a pellet form (all stock) or alfalfa hay.
  • Treats for goats can be dog treats or pellet form that is designed for goats. Giving treats will get the little ones to come to you every time you come to there area.
  • Water needs to always be clean and full. Goats must have plenty of water.
  • Beauty Supplies –  Clippers (for when it gets to be hot out) Grooming Brush (keeping there fur not so matted) Hoof Trimmers ( this must happen every 4-6 weeks) Goats hooves are how they walk evenly.
  • Vaccination you can contact a vet to do your vaccination, but that does get very expensive. It is very simple to give a goat a shot. for de-worming I do every 6 months, for mostly the rest of vaccination is early for goats.
    • CD&T Toxoid– Annual. Needle 20 or 22 gauge Syringe 3ml to 6ml disposable
    • Pen G and/or oxytetracyclene – antibiotics (if needed when very sick)
    • Baycox  – for coccidiosis
    • Copasure Bolus – for copper deficience
  • De-Wormers- Ivermectin, Valbazen, Cydectin ( I use ivermectin)


Some extra information: buy same gender if do not want a kid running around. Always know your local vet phone number disease can always happen to goats. The internet is helpful at times, but when it comes to looking up what disease your pygmy goats it could lead you do stress out very badly. Snap a photo go talk to a person at a bigger farm store, a vet, or someone who has goat.

*This Blog only gives beginning information not every little information when it comes to owning a goat. believe me you will slowly learn new information when owning goats.

Here is some more website that can be very helpful for begging goat owners!

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